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Exploring the Architectural Marvel: Francis "Red" Warner AIA's Tompkins House

Photography © Mid Mod Michigan

Located at 512 Crescent Drive in Midland, Michigan, the Tompkins House is a living testament to the brilliance of architect Francis "Red" Warner. This structure, fashioned from vibrant red bricks, immediately captures one's attention with its distinctive features.

One of the unique design elements of the Tompkins House is its substantial overhangs, which ingeniously serve to provide solar passive heating. This design showcases Warner's unwavering dedication to both form and function. Upon stepping inside, the theme of brick continues with a brick floor, seamlessly connecting the interior and exterior spaces.

Photography © Mid Mod Michigan

Francis "Red" Warner's architectural philosophy drew deep inspiration from the captivating beauty of nature, resulting in his extensive use of wood in his designs. He had a particular fondness for edge grain fir and Douglas fir beams, drawn to their exquisite grain patterns and inviting warmth. Warner firmly believed that true artistic living did not necessitate extravagance; rather, an appreciation for a home filled with abundant natural light and views of nature was enough. His genius lay in the meticulous details and practicality of his creations, rendering his homes truly distinctive.

Photography © Mid Mod Michigan

The Tompkins House beautifully integrates both compressed and expanded spaces, fostering a dynamic and captivating living environment. Notably, it features a four-season room that seamlessly connects to an outdoor deck and a yard enclosed by vinyl fencing. With four spacious bedrooms, a main-floor laundry room, and an abundance of well-placed windows, the house offers both roominess, practicality, and thoughtful design. Additional highlights include an owner's suite and a finished lower level with garden windows.

Photography © Mid Mod Michigan

For all who appreciate the art of design, the Tompkins House and the legacy of its creator, Red Warner, provide a source of inspiration and admiration for the harmony of art and nature in our living spaces.

To schedule a showing for 512 Crescent Drive, please click here.

Photography © Mid Mod Michigan

512 Crescent Drive, Midland, MI 48640


Listing provided by Travis Fader, Mid Mod Michigan by Modern Realty

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