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Welcome to my About Page! This is where I share my journey into architecture and real estate, along with the inspirations behind my work.

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My Story

My journey into the world of mid-century modern architecture began almost by chance, in the quiet, historically rich town of Midland, Michigan. Fresh out of business school at Northwood University, my initial awareness of Midland's distinctive architectural landscape was just that—an awareness. It wasn't until I stepped into the Riecker House, designed by Alden B. Dow for his niece in 1961, that my casual interest transformed into a true passion.


The Riecker House was unlike anything I had ever seen. From the street the house appeared modest, but inside, it unfolded into a sprawling 6,800 square-foot marvel. The intricate ceiling grid, composed of interlocking beams, was punctuated by narrow clerestory windows, allowing natural light to spill across the modular surfaces. Alden Dow’s signature red detailing on the window frames and beam ends added a vibrant compliment to the brick walls. Sitting on the floor, I found myself captivated by the geometric dance overhead—a moment of pure architectural awe that marked the beginning of a new passion.

Fueled by this initial encounter, I immersed myself in the local architectural heritage by volunteering as a docent at the Alden Dow Home and Studio. My desire to understand Midland's unique architectural landscape led me to explore the works of local architects such as Jackson B. Hallett, Francis "Red" Warner, and Robert Schwartz, among others. Each architect brought their own vision and interpretation to Midland's mid-century modern scene, enriching my understanding and appreciation of this architectural style. I also started traveling to other areas such as Ann Arbor to learn about Robert Metcalf's contributions and the works of Norman Carver Jr. in Kalamazoo.

This interest spurred the purchase and restoration of my my first mid-century modern home, the Swayze House. Designed by Clark Swayze, it is the only home in Midland, MI, created by him. Spending 4.5 years in this home, surrounded by its warm simplicity and beautiful design, was profoundly fulfilling.

Continuing on, I purchased my current residence, the Hallett House, designed by its owner and architect, Jackson B. Hallett. Constructed in 1957, this home stands as a remarkable example of Hallett’s ability to create captivating spatial experiences. Its triangular layout, consisting of 60-degree angles, and substantial overhangs facilitate natural ventilation and solar heat retention, and the south-facing windows in every room allow you to fully appreciate each season. Being the steward of not just a Hallett-designed home, but THE Hallett House, feels like a culmination of years of passion and exploration. Restoring and preserving this architectural gem has been a true joy, and I eagerly anticipate many more years here.

My professional path has been equally driven by significant milestones. From my initial awe at the Riecker House to handling sales of properties designed by architects like Frank Lloyd Wright, my career is a continuous journey through Michigan's architectural history. But my focus is not simply transactions. Each sale is part ofa personal mission to find stewards who appreciate and desire to preserve these unique structures. The core of my approach is a blend of relationship-building, trust, and expertise. I strive to create a bond with each client, ensuring they feel supported and valued throughout the sale process. I look forward to assisting more homeowners and buyers in the rewarding adventure of owning and preserving these exceptional properties.

Riecker House Alden B. Dow Midland Michigan
Riecker House Alden B. Dow Midland Michigan

Riecker House by Alden B. Dow FAIA

Photos courtesy of Alden B. Dow Home and Studio

Clark Swayze House Midland Michigan
Clark Swayze House Midland Michigan

Swayze House by Clark Swayze


Hallett - 043.jpg
Hallett - 095.jpg

Hallett House by Jackson B. Hallett AIA

Photography by Amy Claeys

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