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Mid Michigan's Mid-Century Modern architecture is a unique heritage truly unparalleled in our country.  Architects such as Alden B. Dow, Jackson B. Hallett, Francis (Red) Warner, Robert Schwartz, Glenn (Red) Beech, Robert Goodall and many others altered our idea of how a home could function for the homeowner, connect with its surroundings, and how architecture could even shape our community.


As a fellow mid-mod homeowner, I am passionate about the responsibility we have to maintain and preserve these precious homes, as well as to inform others about their intrinsic value as architecture.  


I sincerely believe that my expertise in Mid-Century Modern architecture, combined with my knowledge of Mid-Michigan's housing market uniquely positions me to help sellers properly present their architectural gems, and help buyers find their own perfect architectural paradise.  If I can help you or someone you know, send me a message me to day!


09-5209 Sunset Dr-WindowStill-Real-.jpg
5208 Sunset-HD-17.jpg
1021 Glen-HD-14.jpg
09-5209 Sunset Dr-WindowStill-Real-.jpg
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